FSP 150 ProVM Edge Computing Platform

FSP 150 ProVM Edge Computing Platform

Hosting applications at the edge, as opposed to the data center, is key to keeping latency low and limiting backhaul costs. It’s also vital to have a good balance of virtual- and physical network functions. Our FSP 150 ProVMi is preferably applied in cost-sensitive applications with moderate performance requirements. With the marriage of hardware and software, our FSP 150 ProVMe can provide CSPs with the most robust performance monitoring available. With our FSP 150 ProVM uCPE portfolio, CSPs can focus purely on developing new revenue streams and expanding their business. New services can be deployed at the touch of a button without any need for truck rolls. And with our advanced MEF CE2.0 feature set, you won’t need to worry about your connectivity network. With the opportunity to choose from virtual or physical network functions, CSPs can efficiently respond to any performance requirement in a cost efficient way



  • Edge computing platform for VNF hosting and network demarcation
  • Supports multiple VNFs hosted on a resilient and secure hypervisor with SR-IOV and DPDK for accelerated performance
  • Open interfaces for simple integration into commonly applied VIM solutions such as OpenStack
  • Tightly integrated software and hardware forwarding planes for highest flexibility, best performance and lowest latency
  • Advanced remote monitoring of server and VNF performance
  • Flexible creation of MEF-compliant CE 2.0 and IP connectivity services with SDN-controlled IP forwarding
  • L2/L3 hardware SOAM for high accuracy assurance of CE 2.0 and IP services
  • Hardware-based cryptographic methods for secure high-performance services
  • Available with Intel`s Atom and Xeon processors


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