HappiestMinds’ ODL CSIT Integration Test Framework

HappiestMinds’ ODL CSIT Integration Test Framework

Happiest Minds Reengineered the Open Source ODL CSIT Integration test framework laying clear di?erentiation and layering of functionalities. Our scope of work includes: • Harnessed Automation best practices, monitoring and control mechanisms for the Open Source commits • Re-organized the framework for clear demarcation of different layers / services in ODL architecture. • Laid clear demarcation of python code development from ROBOT Framework keywords so that manpower and skill set requirements in terms of Python Programmers and Domain Experts. • Developed Utilities / Accelerators for Automatic Python / Java code generation for REST interfaces. • Developed Automated Infrastructure setup utilities in python



  • Happiest Minds' Pro-Test Accelerators :
    • Model Based Test Generation • Page Object Generator • Script less Web Service Test Utility library • Web Service Interface Code generator • Remote Command Execution and Monitoring Utility library
  • Framework enhancement and extension made easier through clear abstraction and model based approach
  • Segregation of framework development and test case generation accelerates faster delivery.
  • Automated Infrastructure Setup Utilities
    Helps in the standardization of all the dependencies / infrastructure requirements associated for test suites that will support in improving the stability of the test framework
  • Continuous Test execution through integration of framework with utilities like Jenkins, Jira resulting in Agile testing


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