HCL's SDN Test Automation Framework

HCL's SDN Test Automation Framework

HCL’s SDN Test Automation Framework offers the devops orcheatration and automation test coverage over functional and interoperability testing requirements between physical / virtual networking devices and Controllers. The framework supports flexible and evolving test environment setup to accommodate multiple types of DUTs and their diversified Interop requirements with Controllers.



  • Automated Sanity tests for flow addition, deletion, query and modification
  • Automated tests on VLAN tagging, Source NAT-ing, Destination NAT-ing, QoS marking including wildcards
  • Output and Forward Action Tests Connectivity Tests covering Fail-over Scenarios
  • Counter Verification for Flow and Port Statistics
  • Traffic Generator integrated setup for basic load testing
  • Cross Verification provisions of results using traffic generators and CLI
  • Support for Dynamic Topology Deployment
  • Extended test report with graphs and charts built-in


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