HCL's VNF Engineering Integration Framework

HCL's VNF Engineering Integration Framework

The VNF Engineering Integration Framework is positioned in the NFV-Infrastructure layer. The framework offers flexible and optimal method for establishing varying degree of service awareness, service context identification and tracking capabilities required for establishing service-context aware VNF deployment and integration. The Framework supports measuring consumptions of storage, computing and connectivity resources per workload execution and leverages the same for enforcing isolation for VNF execution environment as per deployment specific requirements. In addition, the framework also provides options to cross-chain isolated functions to maintain service quality requirements.



  • Supports Hybrid architecture to adapt with service specific network virtualization requirements
  • Offers Flow Control Integration provisions at platform layer for 1st degree service characterization
  • Offers Provisions for VNF cross-chaining for distributed VNF deployment
  • Offers Provisions for localized inter-VNF communication for enabling workload distribution and partial processing
  • Provide Methods for monitoring and controlling VNF isolations


DPDK NFV Service Orchestration