IQDialogue ASM

IQDialogue ASM

IQDialogue ASM is the only QoS probe for ABR Video which monitors all aspects of the CDN, from intra- to post-CDN. IQDialogue ASM provides service assurance at multiple points in the ABR network; in the head-end with publishing validation, post origin server to the edge of the network with passive monitoring and active client support at any geographical location. With the ability to monitor and analyze live, play-back, and Video-on-Demand (VOD) content in a variety of the evolving protocols, this probe provides a complete view of any deployment across mixed protocol environments. With service providers looking to support Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), IQDialogue ASM can run as a virtualized instance to reduce IT support, power and rack space while providing a better understanding of their video services and to guarantee a quality viewing experience.



  • Passive monitoring up to full 10G line rate traffic
  • Active monitoring for up to 5000 active sessions
  • Dynamic parsing and conformance monitoring of playlists
  • Supports Apple® HLS, Adobe HDS, Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, MPEG DASH, RTSP, RTMP, web publishing (HTTP put and webdav), OTT traffic (Netflix®, YouTube® and others)
  • Auto-detection of signaling and vendor protocols with minimal configuration required
  • Support for IneoQuest’s patented QoS metric, VeriStream
  • Ability to import/export active client profiles


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