Iricent MaaS

Iricent MaaS

Iricent MaaS, our market leading NFV MANO services platform, addresses the requirements of Network Equipment Providers and Service Providers wishing to deploy NFV services but not wanting to invest in the necessary cloud based network management infrastructure, infrastructure management (OpenStack) and related resources. Iricent MaaS shortens time to market and reduces CAPEX requirements for new service launches. The platform can also facilitate demo, test, trial or pilot requirements for customers and partners. Iricent MaaS is open standards based (OpenStack, OpenDaylight) and utilises carefully chosen and proven partner implementations. VNFs supported in standard deployment include vSwitch, vRouter and vFirewall. Because of the openness of the Iricent MaaS platform other compatible VNFs can be flexibly and cost effectively incorporated in customer specific deployments.



  • VNFs
  • CPE (Physical)
  • MANO
  • OSS/BSS Integration



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