Italtel System Integration Services

Italtel System Integration Services

Italtel designs, develops and implements products and solutions for next-generation networks and communications services. The specialized skills and experience in both infrastructure and applications allow Italtel customers to have a single partner able to deploy complex solutions through a comprehensive and integrated technological vision. Italtel is involved in Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) providing both proprietary products and integrated solutions as a System Integrator.



  • Products are virtualized using both VMware vSphere and KVM.
  • Virtualized Infrastructure Manager can be both VMware framework and OpenStack (with EPA)
  • Strong experience in DPDK, SDN, OSS/BSS, Intel QuickAssist Technology, and OpenStack EPA
  • Regionally focused in EMEA and LATAM
  • SDN, NFV and WebRTC are among the focus areas of its R&D activities
  • Reference SDN controller Cisco distribution, including APIC-EM for enterprises
  • Italtel is a leading telecommunications company in Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), managed services and all-IP communication.



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