iTrinegy Enterprise / Ultra Network Emulator

iTrinegy Enterprise / Ultra Network Emulator

The INE Network Emulator, physical or virtual platform, creates a software defined test network so that application performance can be validated under normal and extreme network conditions in a controllable and repeatable environment. INE enables you to design, simulate and share a wide range of different network topologies including Cloud, Satellite, Internet, WAN, Mobile, IoT, Fully Meshed, etc in which to develop and test application performance. Using INE organizations can dramatically reduce the cost of conducting application performance tests in networks for set-ups such as mobile application deployment, online gaming, and the delivery of online content (e.g. video on demand, streaming media etc.) as well as emergency services and military networks and the emerging Internet of Things.



  • Visio-like Network Designer GUI
    Draw out your test network in a simple to use Visio-like integrated GUI
  • Real-world Network Impairments
    In excess of twenty built-in impairments are available for mimicking real-world normal and abnormal network conditions for WAN, Cloud, Internet, Mobile, WiFi, IoT, Satellite and other types of networks
  • Congestion
    Easily vary network congestion to make a link appear busy without the need for separate traffic generators
  • Multi-user
    Allows a single network emulator to be shared by many users as if each user has their own independent virtual test network
  • Save and Share Network Scenarios
    Create a central scenario library allowing users to efficiently share saved scenarios
  • Virtual Ports
    Create new virtual ports as subdivisions of physical ports enabling the division of traffic by VLAN, IP Address, IP Port or packet data. Removes the need to purchase expensive multi-port appliances
    Orchestrate changes in the network conditions dynamically from external applications.
  • Security
    Centrally control access to the emulator’s resources and ports
  • Graphs
    Inspect what is happening to packet flows in the test network
  • Packet Capture
    Full packet capture provides pervasive application visibility, analysis and troubleshooting
  • Filters
    Allow specified network traffic to flow through the emulator unimpaired or to be blocked
  • Timed-scenarios
    Automatically change the network conditions in-line with the real world network or test requirements
  • Sophisticated Routing
    Bridge and/or route traffic via the emulator enabling you to mimic the complexity of your real world network
  • Labs
    Get access to new ideas from our engineers before general release and build your own impairments using the INE’s Packet Engine Programming Language (PEPL)
  • Flexible Deployment
    Available on hardware or as a software virtual appliance providing easy integration with your existing environment
  • Administration
    Centralized web portal for fast setup, easy configuration and efficient maintenance


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