Juniper vSRX Services Gateway

Juniper vSRX Services Gateway

vSRX Services Gateway delivers a complete virtual firewall solution, including advanced security, robust networking, and automated virtual machine life cycle management capabilities for service providers and enterprises. vSRX empowers security professionals to deploy and scale firewall protection in highly dynamic environments. Data centers increasingly rely on server virtualization to deliver services faster and more efficiently than ever before. But with virtualization comes a new set of security risks. These vulnerabilities call for a new breed of security solution—one that can keep pace with evolving threats while providing the agility, elasticity and cost savings that virtualized and cloud environments demand, without sacrificing reliability, visibility, or control. The vSRX answers this challenge. Offering the same core firewall, networking, and advanced security features available in our physical SRX Series devices, the vSRX delivers a complete and integrated



  • Provides the same capabilities as the SRX Series Services Gateway in a virtual form factor to secure virtualized and cloud environments.
  • Supports VMware ESXi and KVM (Centos, Ubuntu) platforms, as well as orchestration with vRealize Orchestrator and OpenStack.
  • Delivers up to 17 Gbps of firewall throughput using only two virtual CPUs, making it the most efficient virtual firewall in the industry and delivering the highest performance—and lowest total cost of ownership—per core.
  • Offers robust connectivity and routing features, including IPsec VPN, NAT, and advanced routing.
  • Integrates virtualization-specific UTM, IPS, and AppSecure 2.0 next-generation firewall (NGFW) services for a comprehensive threat-protection framework.
  • Provides mission-critical reliability for business continuity, with support for stateful active/active and active/passive high-availability deployment options.
  • Automates the virtual machine (VM) lifecycle, from provisioning through decommissioning, with Junos Space Virtual Director.
  • Ensures centralized and consistent security policy management across physical and virtual firewalls through Junos Space Security Director.
  • Supports SDN and NFV through integration with Contrail, OpenContrail, and third-party SDN solutions.


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