Jupiter brings unprecedented benefits to the enterprise, service provider and content delivery network operator. Jupiter removes network complexity while ensuring maximum QoS with real time programming of routes both within and between domains. Jupiter can provision network applications in a matter of minutes and as a SD-WAN solution, can dramatically reduce the cost of network deployment while reducing the over provisioning of SLAs. It allows customers to create network slices that abstract the underlying transport and empower the customer to centrally manage security policies and make application-aware routing decisions. The benefits become exponential when Jupiter is deployed to combine software defined network strategies with other use case services, which are often distributed and also reside on edge CPE.



  • Helps operators and data centers cost-effectively scale their network to meet the alarming traffic demands large-scale distributed dynamic content.
  • Enables superior network visibility through its builtin support for a variety of discovery and control plane protocols (BGP, IS-IS, LLDP, BFD) and optimizes border routing in WAN and DCs without the need for traditional high-end routers, thus simplifying network build-outs.
  • Built in Segment Routing support eliminates RSVP and other tunnelling overheads and facilitates IPV6 enabled end to end routing for improved network addressability
  • Built in ALTO and PCEP support for East-West Control Plane Interface for SDN Controller interconnects for unparalled QoS assurance
  • Ability to launch as stand alone application or as a Docker/container for flexible deployment options
  • Full SDN stack support for Web 2.0
  • Semantic user interface for seamless network administration



SDN Controller