L&T Technology System Integrator Services

L&T Technology System Integrator Services

L&T Technology Services is a global company with presence in over 36 countries and a trusted partner of multiple F500 companies. The services and solutions cater to a wide spectrum of engineering domains including the telecom and hi-tech space spanning across Chip Vendors, Network Equipment Vendors, Communication Service Providers and Independent Software Vendors. L&T Technology Services offers a complete range of end-to-end services from solution Prototyping to Deployment and Support. L&T Technology Services strives to be a go-to partner for Product Development, testing & system integration services for SDN and cloud-based NFV across Switches & Controllers, NFVI including VNF & MANO. L&T TS also setting up a state-of-the art SDN & NFV centric Test Lab for Conformance, Interoperability, Benchmarking and Validation test services.



  • Core Competencies in DPDK, SDN/OpenDaylight, Virtualization, Orchestration, OSS/BSS
  • OpenStack cloud configuration, Applications, (Management and Software, DevOps tools (CI/CD) & Tempest
  • Developed generic Management Software using OpenStack for specific domains like Virtual SDN Switch, Cloud RAN Enterprise solutions etc
  • Strong focus on virtualizing VNF components, Management & Orchestration software with good understanding on Cloud technologies
  • Proven commercial deployment expertise on networking domain (wire / Wireless) with various customer engagements
  • Dedicated team that works on Virtualization and Cloud with hands-on expertise on NFV related assignments
  • Have dedicated Development & Testing teams that focus on SDN/NFV technologies. Have prepared SDN Conformance test case for OpenFlow1.3 client (478 test cases)



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