MasterClaw Monitoring

MasterClaw Monitoring

MasterClaw is the market leading multi-technology solution supporting NFV/SDN that gives you 24 x 7 x 365 visibility of network, service, app and customer along with unrivaled troubleshooting. -Sophisticated troubleshooting toolset -Resolution of complex issues in reduced time MasterClaw is the foundation for providing value throughout your organization and now incorporates NFV and SDN support, smoothing your transition to a virtualized environment and protecting investments in Customer Experience Analysis.



  • True end-to-end troubleshooting: Coverage of converged, next generation (NGN), legacy and hybrid networks across signalling, user plane and voice quality
  • Network vendor independent: Non-intrusive probes that enable monitoring of converged multi-vendor networks, without any dependency on any network equipment vendor
  • High scalability: Scalable from single node to fully fledged network wide hybrid data networks, fixed and mobile
  • Instant verification of corrective actions: Dashboard and KPI reports verification allows problems to be anticipated and addressed quickly in a cost-effective manner
  • Dynamic and self-adjusting alarms clearly visible on the web-based portal, automatically alert you to hostile network traffic: Our dynamic solution identifies emerging network intrusion patterns or trends, and automatically makes the necessary adjustments - ensuring optimum network protection
  • Customized data view: Intuitive, user-friendly, and web based portal
  • Long term storage for network data events


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