MATRIXX Unified Policy & Charging

MATRIXX Unified Policy & Charging

MATRIXX Unified Policy & Charging combines the functions of an online charging system (OCS) and policy control rule function (PCRF) into one real-time product that has been engineered to deliver predictable performance under load in demanding LTE and LTE advanced deployments. The product allows Digital Service Providers (DSP’s) to deploy a single solution to perform rating, balance management, online charging and make network and customer policy decisions for all services, payment methods and line of business segments.



  • A 3GPP compliant online charging system (OCS) and Policy & Charging Rules Function (PCRF) that can perform charging, rating, balance management and policy management in one unified real-time product
  • Design has been optimized for policy and charging use cases with a single onboard subscriber profile to reduce overhead, reduced signaling without Sy and efficient management of update requests (Gx/Gy)
  • Multi-vendor interface support for interoperability with network equipment (including Gx & Gy for DPI/enforcement devices, Sy for external PCRF interworking, Ro for SCP/IN call control and IMS Application Function)
  • Web services integration (Java/Rest) into enterprise workflow layer for easy integration into self-care channels, order management, CRM and other business processes
  • 100% configuration based, through a single configuration tool for all notifications, charging and policy rules, and does not rely on bespoke logic or license upgrades to support new products and pricing models



Policy Controllers & Policy Charging Rules Function (PCRF)