MaveriQ NFV-based Service Assurance & CEM Solution

MaveriQ NFV-based Service Assurance & CEM Solution

RADCOM is a first-mover to address NFV Service Assurance and Customer Experience Management (CEM) challenges. MaveriQ provides a comprehensive solution that meets all service providers’ challenges, while assuring services and maintaining customer experience across traditional and virtualized networks. In virtual networks such as virtual EPC (vEPC) and virtual IMS (vIMS) key interfaces are not visible on physical interfaces. Therefore, a service assurance solution capable of monitoring both physical and virtual interfaces is critical as operators begin to migrate their networks to NFV. MaveriQ is based on a multi-technology high performance virtual probe (vProbe) and can be installed on both COTS servers or as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) within a fully virtualized network environment.



  • Cloud deployment model - for a multiple operating company environment
  • Cost effective solution that may be deployed stand-alone or as a VNF.
  • Suitable for monitoring various VNFs on Intel architecture-based server platforms.
  • 25%+ CAPEX savings from day 1
  • Built in architecture for Big Data analytics.
  • One-click deployment - instantly add/reassign probes anywhere on the NFV network
  • Single platform for LTE, VoLTE, 3G, 2G, VoIP/IMS, Mobile Data and SIGTRAN.


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