MEC Starter Kit

MEC Starter Kit

If you’re interested in Multi-access Edge Cloud and want to gain hands-on experience; if you’re excited about exploring new Edge Applications; if you’re looking for a fast & simple way to kick start your MEC initiative – the Saguna Starter Kit is the package you have been waiting for. Based on the Saguna Open-RAN Multi-access Edge Cloud solution, the Saguna Starter Kit offers a complete, production-ready MEC environment. We have also included sample applications, creating a truly end-to-end solution designed to help you assess the benefits and accelerate your Edge Cloud program. With the MEC Starter Kit you will be able to: - Gain practical, hands-on experience operating MEC in your network - Measure the benefits of MEC and its impact on user-experience - Evaluate Edge Cloud opportunities and new service possibilities - Accelerate the development and integration of new Edge Applications - Test the performance, functionality and mobility of your Edge Applications



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