Mirantis OpenStack

Mirantis OpenStack

Mirantis OpenStack is an OpenStack distribution that remains close-to-community while achieving stability and performance through hardening, largely automated deployment (via Fuel). Backed by world-class Mirantis support with guaranteed SLAs, plus extended support agreements from select Mirantis partners like Canonical (Ubuntu), Cisco, Oracle and VMware, Mirantis OpenStack offers users the benefits of broadly-supported, production-ready OpenStack, while keeping things open and avoiding lock-in.



  • Fuel for OpenStack: a lifecycle management application that automatically deploys multiple OpenStack clouds from a single interface and lets you manage those clouds post-deployment. Baked into Fuel are Mirantis High Availability Reference Architectures, tested and certified to ensure that your deployed clouds are scalable, reliable and production quality.
  • Hardened packages, including the core OpenStack projects, updated with each stable release of OpenStack, and supporting a broad range of operating systems, hypervisors, and deployment topologies. Included are packages necessary to deploy a Highly Available environment, defect fixes reported by our customers that may not yet have been merged into the community source, Mirantis-driven premium OpenStack projects such as Sahara (which provides a simple means to provision a Hadoop cluster on top of OpenStack) and Murano (an application catalog that can be used to publish apps and compose reliable environments out of them).
  • World-class support - Mirantis OpenStack offers a subscription to our world-class support with defined service level agreements based on the severity of your issue, with one-hour response for severity 1 issues.


Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM)