MSActivator VNF/PNF Manager

MSActivator VNF/PNF Manager

UBIqube is an industry leading Lifecycle Services Orchestration (LSO) vendor. The MSActivator™ platform is a Device Agnostic, Multi-tenant Service Orchestration framework, designed for rapid adaptation to the industry expanding forms of service delivery and architectures (Device based, VNF based, hybrid, etc...). Key to its agility is the technology at the heart of the MSActivator which abstracts the service definition and design from its activation over the underlying infrastructure. The MSActivator finds its use as a replacement of several legacy Telco OSS silo blocks, as well as a migration Orchestrator for services to be delivered over NFV and SDN capabilities. Having integrated service Assurance and fulfilment, it is also a perfect fit for the world of IoT service production where streamlined architectures is paramount and the security managed services industry where a tight coupling between visibility and control leads to higher security levels and service quality.



  • VNF PNF Management
  • Multivendor
  • Service orchestration framework
  • Object based service orchestration and abstration
  • DevOps approach


NFV Service Orchestration