Multi-Site Manager

Multi-Site Manager

Multi-Site Manager (MSM) delivers distributed cloud orchestration in a single, integrated platform. MSM seamlessly integrates with other service orchestration systems (OSS, BSS, cloud brokers, NFV orchestraters, etc.) to deliver the full service life cycle for hyper-distributed cloud infrastructure and applications. MSM provides fully integrated networking for virtual resources, backbone networks and external cloud resources such as public clouds, legacy infrastructure, and containers. By placing workloads at the network or mobile edge, enterprises and service providers can deliver new value added services that reduce latency, eliminate backhaul traffic, improve application performance, and enhance the customer experience.



  • Multi-Site OpenStack Cloud Orchestration
    Through open, consolidated ReSTful APIs, MSMs enables external service orchestration systems to easily create and manage OpenStack cloud infrastructure across distributed sites.
  • Integrated Connectivity
    MSM orchestrates and configures integrated networking for virtual resources (via VXLAN overlays), backbone networks (MPLS), and external cloud resources (Floating IP with bandwidth quotas).
  • VNF Gateway Services
    MSM provides external network connectivity through an integrated gateway service (Overlay Gateway Router) delivered as a compact and portable virtualized network function (VNF).
  • Compute, Storage and Network Orchestration
    MSM provides complete orchestration, configuration and querying of OpenStack compute, storage and networking resources through open ReSTful APIs.
  • Integrated Topology and MetaModel
    Through a fully-extensible object model and data store, MSM maintains a complete service topology and metamodel that can be used for realtime and offline analytics, inventory, billing mediation, etc.


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