Netrounds is a SaaS solution that provides IP network insight and on-demand traffic generation capabilities through the use of distributed x86 probe appliances and public cloud infrastructure for central control and storage. These traffic-generating probe appliances are suitable for bare metal machines as well as for virtual hardware. By downloading and launching one or several Netrounds probe machine images on any Intel-based target, a network engineer can quickly and conveniently work through Netrounds' cloud-based GUI/portal to remotely generate active test traffic to perform distributed troubleshooting tests and even proactively monitor quality over time (SLA monitoring). Traffic-generating probes can be located on any physical or virtual Ethernet port in the network and support MEF and Y.1564 service activation tests, IPTV MPEG analysis, synthetic traffic generation of IPv4/IPv6, and a full stack SIP implementation with both signaling and media streams.



  • IPTV MPEG analysis
  • Service Activation Tests, ITU-T Y.1564 & Metro Ethernet Forum
  • SIP call generation and MOS scoring
  • Browser-based speedtests
  • Synthetic traffic generation for IPv4 and IPv6, TCP and UDP
  • Remote packet capturing and analysis


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