Network Service Delivery Platform

Network Service Delivery Platform

"One Convergence Network Virtualization and Service Delivery (NVSD) Solution takes a policy driven approach and brings in the innovative concept of “Service Overlays” to go along with “Network Overlays” to virtualize networks and services. The solution innovates and extends SDN with Service Overlays for delivering L4 to L7 services with higher-level abstractions that are application friendly. The solution is integrated with OpenStack Neutron and provides a complete networking solution enabling self-service multi-tenant networks and network services to be created, provisioned and managed on demand. The solution can be deployed on legacy/existing network infrastructure or with emerging SDN enabled physical fabrics. One Convergence NVSD Solution is targeted at enterprises, cloud service providers and telecom service providers."



  • Ability to express the intent in application deployment friendly abstractions
  • Render the intent onto Service and Network Overlays
  • Insert, chain, configure & manage any class of network service:
  • - Firewalls, Load Balancers, IPS/IDS, VPN, Routers ...
  • -Popular open-source network services
  • -Leading OEM / multi-vendor network services
  • Adapt to the changing operating conditions within the parameters defined by the intent
  • -Security
  • -Elastic scaling
  • -High availability


NFV Service Orchestration