NFV-Time is open-source and vendor-neutral. Choose your preferred x86 or other hardware, deploy multiple tested, pre-configured and automatically provisioned VNF’s and start providing rich carrier grade services - fast and simple. • Run multiple, carrier grade network functions on a single, x86 standard device, ‘avoid box stacking’ • Start serving now and add future services remotely, avoiding additional hardware or customer premise visits • Avoid deployment complexity and maintenance costs with NFV-Time enhance integrated lifecycle management suite



  • vCPE - Thin NFVi-OS for White box
    Open source OS, optimized to turn any x86 & ARM platform into a fully operational vCPE
  • vCPE - Telco Systems CloudMetro Gray box
    High-end vCPE and switching device pretested & configured for high throughput & resiliency
  • Network controller and auto provisioning server Lite-MANO
    For cost effective service introduction
  • A broad suite of Tested, Pre-certified VNFs
  • A broad suite of tested hardware platforms for vCPE
  • NFV-Time™ Pre-certified VNF and Service Packages
    Business access & security ? Education ? Multi-site connectivity ? Enhanced security services ? Call center ? Enhanced security suite


Hardware OS/Virtualization OSS, BSS & EMS / NMS CPE Open vSwitch with DPDK