•Guarantees high reliability by full redundant system & designed for continuous service. •Advancement of 10,000 concurrent audio session after adopting Intel DPDK. •Home network is protected and external networks are suppressed by firewall, DOS detection, layer 7 filter, domain authentication, traffic control & topology hiding operations. •In order for interoperability to operate or work at VoIP network edge, NX-B5000 picks up increments by SIP Header Manipulation, sequence termination, & transcoding functions. •Problem resolved without any influence to customer’s system with active SIP, as well as cost and time during their telecommunication connectivity. •Additional servers is an option for user and transaction increase. •NX-B5000 is equipped to connect to various kinds of terminals, gateways, SIP servers, & applications without special customization. •Maintenance operation such as server start / stop can be managed with GUI, as well as input, change, & delete network SO with GUI.



  • Message Manipulation
    Ability to manipulate incoming and outgoing messages and have different networks interoperable.
  • Number Routing
    To access multiple telecom carriers or multiple IP-PBX per system, number routing shall be set.
  • Registration
    Sends REGISTER to the carrier SIP server instead of IP-PBX.
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    Interconnects IP-PBX private network and carrier network.
  • Media Control
    Terminates RTP from telecom carrier, then retransmits to private network with NAT feature.
  • Security
    Equipped with security features, including encryption, firewall, and denial of service (DOS) detection.


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