ONEv600 vRouter

ONEv600 vRouter

The ONEv600 VNF enables the creation of value-added hybrid WAN services between enterprise branches and data centers. The ONEv600 technology provides SMB and enterprise customers with an extensive range of carrier-grade switching and routing functions and enables service providers and large network providers to deploy within an NFV environment today. The core OneOS management plane delivers state-of-the-art APIs for efficient programming and operations of service provider’s managed services.



  • Optimized Software for Virtualization
    The core of ONEv600 is OneOS V6.0, a carrier-grade software solution for the delivery of virtualized services. The modular software isolates the control and data plane and has been further optimized to leverage DPDK and VirtIO acceleration mechanism.
  • Field-Proven, Rich Services
    OneOS V6.0 is an evolution of the same software that powers nearly 2 million OneAccess routers around the world. Using proven and highly interoperable code, field-hardened at over 125 service providers, it includes advanced troubleshooting and monito
  • Optimized Footprint
    OneOS V6.0 technology is designed to function on traditional network processors and provides market-leading performance per vCPU MHz and RAM footprint.
  • Today’s and Tomorrow’s Service Management
    OneOS V6.0 includes industry-standard CLI and monitoring (such as SNMP, Ethernet OAM). OneOS V6.0 can also be concurrently accessed by NETCONF clients and through web services.