ORION-HMP Video Conferencing Platform

ORION-HMP Video Conferencing Platform

ORION-HMP is a video conferencing platform providing unmatched codec interoperability and call quality for all devices - regardless of network, signaling protocols or bandwidth. Strong encoding/decoding capabilities enable frame rates of 60 FPS, resolution reaches 4K full-HD, and Bit-Rate and Resolution adaptation mechanisms maintain quality for all users. By utilizing the GPU, processing latency is under 30mSec, while concurrent conferences per server and participant count per conference is exponentially increased. ORION-HMP maintains full-screen pictures via automatic cropping - eliminating 4:3/16:9 on-screen mismatches, and supports chat, whiteboard and file-sharing. ORION-HMP is available as a S/W only, or pre-loaded on a NUC server. Its “Hybrid” mode functionality enables full compatibility between WebRTC, SIP and H.323, on any codec (H.264/5 and VP8, VP9). It has built-in billing, reporting and administrative tools.



  • High quality, 60FPS, full-HD resolution
  • Supports incumbent SIP/H.323 and next-gen WebRTC
  • Fully Scalable: Optimized for large as well as small/initial deployments
  • 90% reduction in OPEX
  • Internal SIP registrar and H.323 gatekeeper functionalities
  • Comprehensive statics, control, billing and monitoring per-participant/per-conference


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