Deployed at the customer premises, OVP is a carrier-grade virtualization solution that provides the flexibility to create and deploy new and customized virtualized services on demand. Based on standard protocols and open data models, the programmable OVP framework lays the foundation for hosting, chaining and managing OneAccess and third-party VNFs.



  • Open and Standard Platform
    OVP is open to both OneAccess and third-party VNFs. OVP is based on standard x86 white box CPE hardware. The software is hosted within a standard Linux environment. As a fully open platform it eliminates vendor lock-in.
  • Flexibility and scalability
    OVP enables the flexible and automatic provisioning of new and existing services at the customer premises.
  • Management
    Full programmability is assured with NETCONF together with more traditional interfaces like CLI, SNMP, WebGUI and other APIs.
  • Fast Network Virtualization
    Pre-integrated platform (software + hardware) allows for rapid VNF service delivery


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