Perimeta session border controller

Perimeta session border controller

The perimeter of your communications architecture is only as strong as its weakest link. Beyond the boundary of your managed infrastructure lie many threats to the continuity of your service offerings and to the integrity of your network. Metaswitch’s Perimeta is the first VNF (Virtualized Network Function) capable, software based, carrier-class Session Border Controller (SBC) proven to secure your services in new cloud environments, as well as scale real-time communications services effectively, while providing a level of visibility before unseen by networks operators. Fortify your edge and protect your core with the Perimeta portfolio of session border controllers.



  • -----VIRTUALIZE-----
  • As network operator and enterprise communications infrastructures transition to all-IP, all-cloud, all-software services, so will the Session Border Controllers need to integrate into these environments. Virtualizing the SBC is a critical factor in the march towards network functions virtualization (NFV) and in helping to transition operators into being true software telcos. Liberated from old hardware-based deployment models, carriers can realize savings in Capex and Opex while benefiting from a more flexible network on which they can launch innovative new applications and services more quickly. While other vendors are only just now forming their virtualization plans, Perimeta has been deployed as a VNF (Virtualized Network Function) in several publically announced top-tier carrier networks. And for those service providers that demand full flexibility, Perimeta operates today in all NFVI (Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure) environments.
  • At its heart, and benefiting from years of field-hardening, Perimeta running on virtualized platforms is the same Perimeta software that runs inside our ATCA appliances and on COTS servers. Perimeta is the future-proof SBC of choice as it enables Service Providers to migrate from the current hardware intensive architecture to the new software telco one. The transition can be done step by step, using COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) server platforms (Dell, Cisco, HP, etc.) to start with, migrating to virtualized Perimeta without MANO (Management And Orchestration), and finally going to full blown cloud architecture with MANO. Metaswitch’s Perimeta is the industry’s most advanced SBC platform.
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  • -----SECURE-----
  • The Perimeta product portfolio has been designed for high performance while under heavy attacks. It provides complete protection against all common attack vectors, for example, volumetric, protocol, and authentication, among many others.
  • But beyond that, Metaswitch takes a much more expansive view of this primary SBC function. It’s not only about protection from direct attacks; it’s also about peace of mind. It is being secure in the knowledge that Perimeta will gracefully handle natural peaks of traffic events like call-in shows, holidays or disasters without performance degradation. It is being secure in the knowledge that reregistration storms due to fiber cuts or power outages will be handled quickly and without impact to call capacities. It is being secure in the knowledge that employing the SBC’s advanced capabilities (SIP normalization, SDP manipulation, blacklisting, etc.) will not cripple performance. Perimeta, even under extreme overloading scenarios, will deliver its rated throughput—processing valid session requests and forwarding traffic—without compromising quality of service or security. The ability to perform at wire speed, even during DDoS attacks, is what sets Perimeta apart from the competition.
  • Proven to process 100% of calls under heavy load, and with accolades from Tier 1 Service Providers, Perimeta can meet your stringent security demands without compromising on throughput or capacity.
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  • -----ANALYZE-----
  • Perimeta’s network analytics is a key differentiator when compared to other platforms. You need network diagnostics and troubleshooting not only capable of operating today’s network architectures, but also capable of operating in tomorrow’s NFV environments. Metaswitch provides unprecedented management visibility of the end-to-end VoIP network: Perimeta is fully integrated with powerful analytics, diagnostic, troubleshooting, and network planning tools with rapid access to full protocol decoders.
  • Service providers must be able to diagnose and troubleshoot problems as they arise in the network. Metaswitch knows that a great network experience can only happen when you can easily understand what’s going on in your network. Each session and service flow that Perimeta processes is captured and recorded for analysis and reporting, eliminating the need to reproduce events. Perimeta SBC provides unprecedented visibility into SIP traffic flows and the operation of your network via the always-on, proactive, session analytics which detail not only what happened, but why it happened. Perimeta will reduce operational costs, enhance subscriber satisfaction and simplify network deployment by eliminating the complexities and expense of external monitoring devices and/or analysis software.


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