PktBlaster SDN Controller Test

PktBlaster SDN Controller Test

Veryx PktBlaster SDN Controller Test is a performance benchmarking and network emulation testing solution for SDN controllers. PktBlaster SDN is a software based solution that can run on any Linux-based x86 servers. PktBlaster SDN has two components namely: Performance benchmarking: Offers accurate measurement of throughput, latency and robustness parameters Network Emulator: Enables creation of custom topologies of SDN networks consisting of emulated SDN devices and traffic end points and thus perform functionality testing of the SDN controller



  • Industry’s first tool aligned with IETF SDN Controller performance benchmarking draft
  • GUI based Network Emulation.Real world Network Emulation for SDN and legacy network elements
  • Diverse real-world application traffic emulation
  • Robustness tests to determine controller behavior in case of failure scenarios
  • Programmatic support for API
  • Network path trace and network impairment support
  • Support for testing controller clusters


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