Polte’s patented Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) solution leverages ubiquitous 4G & 5G cellular networks and cloud computing to enable highly accurate location data indoors and outdoors. Consumer, commercial and industrial businesses are increasingly integrating location technologies with their cloud-based enterprise applications to improve their business processes, enhance customer experiences, and deliver real-time actionable insights. Polte’s positioning technology can be integrated for use in a variety of industries, including aerospace, appliances, automotive, energy, food & beverage, government, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, manufacturing, retail, smart buildings, smart cities, and transportation-as-a-service for supply chain, asset, and inventory management. Whether tracking containers, pallets, machines, or components, Polte makes finding them easy, affordable, and secure.



  • Small Footprint
    Small footprint Polte Location API embedded in IoT Cellular Modules with Over the Air updates
  • Seamless indoor and outdoor coverage
    Polte Mapping Application visualizes location with grouping and geofence triggers
  • Open API and Developer Support
    Open API for location query and results Developer toolkit and documentation



Deliverables Network Location Verticals / Industries Workloads and use cases Software Platforms Device Edge Connected Cars Financial Services Industrial Manufacturing Media & Entertainment Medical / Healthcare Retail Smart Cities Transportation Analytics Emergency Response Machine Learning