PowerMedia XMS Media Server

PowerMedia XMS Media Server

PowerMedia XMS is a virtualized, NFV-ready media server, Media Resource Function (MRF), and Multipoint Control Unit that supports real-time media applications like video conferencing, RCS and WebRTC. Product highlights include COTS & virtual machine support, standards compliant IMS MRF, production-ready App Server interfaces, and public/private cloud deployable. It's well suited for IMS/VoLTE, value added services, OTT, unified communications, and contact center applications requiring real-time audio and video communications.



  • Highly scalable, all software media server with advanced multimedia processing functionality
    Facilitates the development and deployment of rich communications applications and services across Web, VoIP/SIP, Mobile and PSTN networks with a wide range of connected endpoints.
  • Standards-compliant IMS MRF with full Voice over LTE (IR.92) and Video over LTE (IR.94) support
    • Conforms to the 3GPP IMS architectural specifications • Can be deployed as a Media Resource Function (MRF) for IMS/VoLTE-based RCS and multimedia services • Standards based for compatibility between legacy telephony and evolving IP networks
  • Robust HD audio and video media support with IETF, 3GPP and W3C WebRTC codecs
    • Can act as a transcoding gateway to interwork wide variety of audio and video codecs. • All-software architecture enables rapid support for new codecs (no DSPs or complicated firmware upgrades)
  • Support for Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), virtualization, and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) deployment models
    Reduces both OPEX and CAPEX by utilizing existing datacenter infrastructure and cloud services for deployment
  • Media control through open, and industry standards based APIs
    Leverages industry-standard programmable APIs to enable developers to add sophisticated media handling capabilities to their applications
  • Web-based GUI and HTTP RESTful Management interface for media server management, control and monitoring
    • Intuitive, powerful GUI helps speed solution deployment & enables quick resolution of operational issues • RESTful web management interface integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure • Real-time monitoring, alarms, logging & tracing
  • Scalable licensing from ten ports to thousands of ports per server
    Simple, flexible, and scalable licensing model - allows paying only for the functionality your application needs and only when you need it


Content Delivery Networks (CDN) IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Intel Media SDK