Programmable Radio Access Network - PROGRAN

Programmable Radio Access Network - PROGRAN

ProgRAN dynamically creates RAN slices and programmatically invokes use case specific optimization for each such slice. The slices are filling the gap for the end-to-end network function virtualization (NFV). The architecture is applicable for both Small Cells and Macrocells. ProgRAN has already been integrated to several vEPCs. ProgRAN makes sure that the dynamic changes in the RAN control may take place while the network is operational and require no downtime anywhere in the network. ProgRAN provides the ability to program the behavior of the RAN using a simple, well-defined interface.



  • ProgRAN describes a profile which has the following implications:
    • List of profile eNodeBs/small cells
  • • List of profile UEs and/or flow types
  • • Profile start and end time, either explicitly described or event-triggered
  • • Percentage of downlink and uplink wireless resources reserved for the profile
  • • Downlink and uplink schedulers, handoff parameters, admission control rules, SON


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