Qosmos Service Aware Module (SAM)

Qosmos Service Aware Module (SAM)

Qosmos SAM® is integrated with a vSwitch to provide detailed, real-time traffic intelligence and enable service-awareness at the infrastructure level. The new module classifies flows at the hypervisor level and the resulting protocol information and metadata are either used directly by the virtual switch or passed on to guest applications. Qosmos SAM conveys real-time layer 4-7 intelligence via an open API designed to enable short development cycles.



  • DPI module adding application and metadata visibility to virtual switches
  • Integrated with any virtual switch to provide detailed, real-time traffic intelligence
  • Classifies flows and extracts metadata at the hypervisor level
  • System provisioning through OpenFlow (AXM) and CLI (ovs_ofctl)
  • Enable classified application & protocol information to be carried on in-band (SFC) or out-of-band (IPFix)
  • Support of public DPI API available at Intel® Labs website (https://01.org/packet-processing)
  • Certified on Intel® DPDK vSwitch
  • Portable architecture to any x86 platform
  • 2000+ protocols classified, continuously updated (“Evergreen” principle)
  • Thousands of application metadata extracted
  • Identification of protocols and applications based on flow pattern matching, session correlation, heuristics and statistical analysis
  • High recognition rate: ability to identify all protocols from layer 2 to 7 in the OSI model
  • Ability to develop custom application recognition
  • Short time to market for solution developers
  • Built-in real-time intelligence at the infrastructure layer
  • Consistent description of DPI analysis fed to all VMs
  • Enable DPI consolidation, dynamic traffic steering, security isolation


Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) / Traffic Shaping / Policy Enforcement DPDK Open vSwitch with DPDK