RADCOM Network Intelligence

RADCOM Network Intelligence

RADCOM Network Intelligence is fully optimized for 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (Cascade Lake/Cascade Lake-N), both in virtualized and bare-metal environments and integrates seamlessly into the operators' NFV orchestration to deliver a closed-loop approach to service assurance. RADCOM Network Intelligence breaks away from the limitations of a virtualized probe-based service assurance solution to deliver a fully cloud-native, container-based approach that acquires data close to the source and uses a stateless architecture that seamlessly integrates within an operators’ cloud environment. Powered by patented technology, RADCOM ICON delivers Intelligent, Container-based, On-demand, Network Analysis from the RAN to the core for assuring 5G. RADCOM Network Intelligence is automated, cost-efficient, and is specifically designed for the needs of telecom operators. RADCOM uses the latest Intel technologies for high-speed packet processing at the network edge.



  • Offers 5G SBA readiness (supporting complex CUPS correlation)
  • End to end service coverage
    Service quality and network performance is intelligently monitored from the RAN to the Network Core so customer-affecting issues can be prevented across the entire customer journey
  • Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) for 5G
    Powered by patented technology, RADCOM ICON correlates multiple data inputs (network packets, generic network events, JSON, Protobufs, Counters, PM/FM/Infrastructure/Alarms/VNF Inputs/Events, CDRs etc.) to provide the data analytics function for 5G.
  • On-demand troubleshooting
    Enables smart, minimal data collection 24/7 and when issues are detected can be launched on-demand to examine, troubleshoot then scale down once the issue is resolved
  • Built-in AI and Machine Learning
    Enables anomaly detection for IoT and insights into encrypted traffic (such as video streaming)
  • Integration into NFV orchestration
    Provides operators with automated assurance with for automatic on-boarding, scaling and ensuring a closed-loop approach to service assurance


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