Raemi: Enterprise Cellular Solutions

Raemi: Enterprise Cellular Solutions

Raemis can be deployed either as a private standalone mobile network or as a subnet within a larger macro network. When deployed as a private mobile network Raemis delivers the core network cellular application within a private campus domain typically in an environment such as a hospital or university campus. Other user case scenarios are delivering mobile services to remote community or tactical communications in a security/defence application. When deployed as a subnet within a macro network Raemis delivers dedicate coverage, capacity and applications to a specific user group usually within an enterprise environment. The value added applications are generally associated with UC and FMC features. A specific feature of Raemis that appeals to government/critical public service providers is the ability of the application to provide resiliency i.e. in the event of a macro network failure Raemis will continue to provide local cellular services uninterrupted.



  • Complete standalone 2G/3G/LTE cellular core network application
  • Provides dedicated cellular coverage and capacity that con be managed at the edge.
  • Delivers enterprise UC and FMC features at the edge, from the RAN.
  • Provides local cellular resiliency for critical public service providers


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