Redknee Unified Charging

Redknee Unified Charging

Redknee Unified Charging meets the specific needs of today’s Service Providers - from Tier 1’s and group operators to MVNOs - to deliver real-time, convergent charging and billing capabilities quickly and cost-effectively in order to generate new revenue streams, increase profitability and ultimately enhance the connected customers experience. With 30 commercial deployments and the largest deployment supporting over 200 Million prepaid and postpaid data subscribers, Redknee’s solution extends beyond a traditional Online Charging Server by offering rating and charging of content, such as video downloads; calls and broadband access; and data services such as SMS and instant messaging regardless of pre- or post-pay status. Overall, customer experience is improved by having simpler and more transparent processes, real-time notifications and offers.



  • Differentiate customer experience through personalized offers, differentiated cost control, real-time notifications, instant activation of services and real-time campaigns
  • Increase monetization of all types of customers and services with value-based pricing models for pre-, postpaid and hybrid scenarios
  • Increase marketing agility with contextual, personalized campaigns based on real-time customer, network and device-based insight
  • Go to market faster using prepackaged and pre-tested software templates and tools to customize and accelerate service provisioning
  • Improve cash flow with threshold activated payments and notifications enhancing flexibility for operators and customers to define charging and payment terms
  • Simplify network operations by consolidating policy and charging control systems into a single solution


Policy Controllers & Policy Charging Rules Function (PCRF)