Routing App

Routing App

The routing function provided in this application provides a holistic view of the network and optimizes the placement of the input demand requests. By providing a more objective driven approach to path placement the user can optimize what is required by the business, for example, margin, reducing backhaul traffic or enhancing user experience without the need for bespoke software solutions. Aria Networks uses a generic Graph Solving engine that is capable of routing many different types of services: Optical, IP, TE, P2P, P2MP etc. This flexible approach enables the user to consider the constraints that are important for path placement. A graph is a set of links and nodes with properties, such as: cost, delay, distance, risk groups etc. A demand matrix of A-Z(s) can be created with constraints such as: minimize cost and delay, cap the number of hops, be disjoint at link, but not node. The Routing app will find the optimum set of paths that most efficiently satisfies the constraints.



  • Routing App



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