Saisei FlowCommand

Saisei FlowCommand

Saisei enables a new generation of software network functions and appliances, providing granular, flow-based traffic management, fair and tiered network usage, application assurance and real-time network monitoring without traditional, expensive multi-vendor hardware requirements.



  • Network QoE Enhancement Optimizing quality with smart policy control
  • Manage the rates of individual flows for fairer network performance. Our software is designed to identify and manage flow rates on a per-user basis. By ensuring that network policies can be controlled and adjusted in real-time, you create a better experience for the majority of your users. You can even define policies based on traffic behavior such as flow length and rate.
  • Ensure Fair Flow Rates for subscribers or users
  • Control unwanted application use for better network performance
  • Prevent TCP timeouts and restarts, reduce retransmissions
  • Intelligently avoid congestion while optimizing utilization
  • Application Assurance Underpinning quality in mission-critical applications
  • Identify and manage applications running over your WAN. By defining policies on a per-application basis, you can guarantee better performance of mission-critical applications such as IPTV, file transfer, virtual terminals and VoIP. It's the smart way to ensure enterprise network users or service provider subscribers receive the best quality of experience for the most valuable services.
  • Improve Quality of Experience for users
  • Guarantee performance of business-critical applications
  • Automatically identify individual applications and flows
  • Create and manage policies for specific applications
  • Real Time Monitoring The next generation of network monitoring
  • DPI is fast becoming outdated in contemporary networks. Suffering from random insights into limited cross-sections, DPI is being replaced by smart application- and user-level monitoring tools for better-informed policy decision-making. Saisei's smart software gives our clients the visibility and control they need to replace DPI and improve the performance of their networks.
  • See more of what matters on your network
  • Identify flow data of users and their applications
  • Take the randomness out of your policy decisions
  • Improve network performance and security
  • Software Only, Device Agnostic Simple integration into virtually any environment
  • Saisei is built to run on standard hardware, and because it’s software-based integration is painless and inexpensive. Operating as a network appliance in traditional architectures, our platform is designed for next generation software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), but is flexible enough to work in both bare metal and virtualized environments.
  • Run in bare metal and virtualized environments
  • Integrate simply into virtually any network
  • Operate on standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware
  • Combine with third-party solutions via the REST API


Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) / Traffic Shaping / Policy Enforcement DPDK DPDK