SAMTEST NFV Service Assurance and Monitoring

SAMTEST NFV Service Assurance and Monitoring

Veryx SAMTEST for NFV supports verification and visibility for NFV environments across L2 – L7: 1. Layer 2 - MEF CE 2.0, Y.1564, RFC 2544, Y.1731 2. Layer 3 - TWAMP 3. Layer 4 - TCP Benchmarking (RFC 6349) and 4. Layer 7 - HTTP, VoIP and Video on Demand Two software components in SAMTEST NFV are: vProbes (test probes as VNFs) for active testing: Spun-up COTS x86-based servers, or as virtualized test functions on virtualization capable network elements including switches, routers and demarcations devices vTAPs (virtual TAPs) for visibility: Lightweight pluggable software that support monitoring of both east-west and north-south traffic of VNFs



  • Benchmarking network service at L2-L7 level
  • Bandwidth profile test
  • On-demand diagnostics
  • Benchmarking carrier/standard ethernet services
  • Support for industry standard hypervisors and cloud management platforms
  • VNF level traffic visibility and monitoring


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