Sandvine Managed Business Services

Sandvine Managed Business Services

CSPs can differentiate their business services to grow revenue, increase loyalty, and target new enterprise verticals. Managed services offer a compelling value proposition to enterprises, as these services make solutions available on a subscription basis (whether value-adds or included to differentiate a service) and in a hands-off manner. Consequently, businesses enjoy the advantages of technology solutions, but don’t need to invest in hiring and training personnel.



  • Business Intelligence: Dashboards to expedite service diagnostics, including quality of experience metrics; Reports to show historical usage including top services and applications by user, site, group, time-of-day, etc; Analytics to power informed decision-making
  • Policy Control: Prioritize high-value traffic, like collaboration and communications to keep your business productive; Restrict inappropriate content and counter-productive applications; Identify and address security issues including botnets and other malware threats
  • Billing and Records: Get detailed usage records to fulfill record-keeping objectives and corporate intelligence initiatives; Distribute shared quota among users based on proven requirements


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