SBN Series Appliances

SBN Series Appliances

The Sideband SBN series appliances provide real-time behavior analytics and anomaly detection in a compact, 1U form factor. With models available supporting maximum processing rates of up to 10Gbps, the SBN series appliances are ideal for deployment in enterprise data centers, corporate headquarters and branch offices.



  • Monitors network behavior to and from critical assets to alert security teams to threats.
  • Automatically builds a profile of normal network behaviors at various times of the day or week to provide new visibility into assets.
  • Leverages advanced behavioral analytics techniques; no need to develop and maintain complex threat signatures.
  • Agent-less implementation deploys with no increase in security footprint on clients or hosts.
  • Integrates with security infrastructures to add reliable threat detection to SIEM, firewall and IDS/IPS systems.



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