ScoreCard Network Scoring Solution

ScoreCard Network Scoring Solution

Procera’s Network Scoring Solution provides a ScoreCard view that gives operators an understanding of what quality their network is capable of delivering. Networks are rated from A to F in categories that subscribers care about: Web Surfing, Streaming Video, Social Media, Real-time Gaming, Upload, Download and Voice Applications. Executive Management can use the scores to prioritize and make decisions on CAPEX and OPEX investments. Engineers can drill down deeper and analyze the actions to take at different parts of the network. Marketing can use scores to differentiate with services where the operator is particularly strong. All traffic is measured for every subscriber, all the time. Using sub-second measurement intervals guarantees that we see the quality even for very short sessions, such as a web page download. A score is then given to each category, based on the throughput, latency and packet loss measured.



  • PRE Platform - The PRE acts as the collection engine on the networks for gathering the subscriber experience scoring data. For the network experience scoring solution, the PRE can be deployed in either a passive or active mode to collect the scoring metrics. The PRE can also be deployed as either virtual or a packaged appliance from Procera. The PRE will inspect all subscriber traffic on the network and stream it to the Insights database for visualization.
  • Traffic Perspective - Traffic Perspective is based on Procera’s industry-leading Datastream Recognition Definition Language (DRDL) DPI engine, and provides visibility into the applications running on the operator’s network. Over 2,500 unique applications are included like Messaging, VoIP, Video Streaming, Audio Streaming, File Sharing, Gaming, and many other categories of applications. Traffic Perspective guides the operator on the application types that they should focus on improving their Score for based on subscriber usage patterns.
  • Subscriber Perspective - Subscriber Perspective is the integration point with the BSS/OSS to glean subscriber-specific information to associate with each flow on the network. With Subscriber Perspective, each subscriber is associated with their IP address, service plan, location, device, and other information available in the operator’s OSS and BSS. This data is crucial to Scoring, since the subscriber is the fundamental measurement basis for the solution. The Score Perspective measures active subscriber traffic to create the subscriber’s score.


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