SD-WAN Centric NFV Cloud Infrastructure

SD-WAN Centric NFV Cloud Infrastructure

Happiest Minds has architected & built an SD-WAN Centric NFV Cloud Infrastructure Solution that allows enterprises to apply efficient orchestration policies depending upon classes of network traffic onto different kinds of underlying network transport. This abstract view will provide an opportunity to perform network segmentation and apply policies based on business requirements. Our solution catalogue includes: • Development of SDN application on top of OpenDayLight Controller enabling dynamic and policy based route selection. • DPDK and OpenvSwitch integration on x86 based COTS to deliver high performance and near line rate edge device. • Development of traffic analysis tool and integrated network analytics solution on the controller to provide network visibility and intelligence.



  • Dynamic and intelligent Traffic Steering for capacity utilization
  • Efficient Bandwidth Management resulting 8x bandwidth cost savings
  • Dynamic application of various policies via Open-Flow rules on traffic characteristics
  • Centralized Management
  • Port Mirroring
  • Anomaly Detection


NFV Service Orchestration SDN Controller Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) CPE Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) / Traffic Shaping / Policy Enforcement Firewall (FW) Load Balancer (LB) Security Appliances / Security Software / Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) / Intrusion Detection System (IDS) DPDK Open Daylight Open vSwitch with DPDK