SmartAIR 1000

SmartAIR 1000

Network congestion creates poor quality experiences, frustrating mobile customers who then struggle with inconsistent service performance, video-start delays, video stalls, inconsistent service and other problems. To overcome frequent and common network congestion that causes this, mobile network operators typically spend more on network capacity. SmartAIR solves these challenges so operators do not have to chase capacity upgrades to meet ever-increasing customer demands.

From a critical aggregation point between the RAN and core networks, SmartAIR determines cell and session states of all user equipment and applications in use. When it detects congestion, it reacts instantly and precisely to manage traffic queues, reduce the negative effects and assure best experiences for the most end-users. It simultaneously makes smarter use of the existing network resources.



  • Device to Cell Mapping locates and identifies the mobile devices interacting with each cell including which are active or idle
  • Session / Application Identification assesses what’s in use within each cell, with characteristics such as video complexity, minimum bit rate and content source
  • Real Time Congestion Detection from each cell's live operating conditions includes implications for quality of subscribers' experiences
  • Subscriber Differentiation granular considerations over cell resources reserved for prioritized sessions and UEs
  • Determine Actions when congestion is encountered based on real-time conditions and operator rules
  • Dynamic Rate Control with Feedback changes traffic flows to maximize subscriber quality of experience, while ensuring overall bandwidth use remains within cell capacity



Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) / Traffic Shaping / Policy Enforcement