Stratus Fault Tolerant Cloud Solution

Stratus Fault Tolerant Cloud Solution

This private and hybrid OpenStack based cloud solution provides multiple availability levels and intelligently and dynamically matches availability levels and infrastructure resources to applications transparently; using only what you need when you need it. Now, you can maximize ROI with one cloud solution for all applications. Automated deployment and management saves time and money reducing new deployments from days to minutes. Deployed on commodity servers with no special skills required, the modular and flexible architecture preserves existing investments. With fast compute processing of continuous availability you can better utilize your VMs and servers. It provides fully automated and complete fault tolerance for all applications, which includes fault detection, localization, isolation, recovery, repair, and if desired, state replication - all without requiring application code change.



  • Seamless protection and fault-tolerance: Save time and reduce complexity in deploying any virtualized and cloud application for transparent and instantaneous service continuity, without code changes
  • Fault management and selectable levels of resiliency for all VNFs: Deploy a variety of functions such as control and forwarding elements with selectable levels of resilience for each, including high availability and stateful fault-tolerance, with geo-redundancy
  • Efficiency of redundancy: Unlike traditional fault-tolerant approaches, which limit utilization to sub-50%, the Stratus Cloud can dramatically increase efficiency of redundancy with over 80% utilization – for lower CAPEX and OPEX


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