The Extreme Networks SDN Platform

The Extreme Networks SDN Platform

Extreme Networks’ SDN platform is based on a comprehensive, hardened OpenDaylight (ODL) controller that uniquely includes: network management, network access control, application analytics and wireless controller technology. Extreme Networks’ comprehensive approach preserves the integrity of the open API provided by ODL while extending data center orchestration, automation and provisioning to the entire network under a single pane of glass.



  • One Open and Standards-Based Architecture that won’t require vendor lock-in or additional investment to realize the full potential of SDN
  • A Simple Development Platform for innovation that makes it easy for any organization to deploy SDN solutions regardless of size or skill level
  • Investment Protection as our SDN solutions not only integrate with other Extreme solutions but also support multi-vendor environments
  • Value-Added Network Services like Purview, NAC, NetSight, OneFabric Connect, etc. that provide functionality beyond SDN
  • A Comprehensive Solution for the whole network including wireless, campus, core and data center
  • Unique Core-Flow Technology that provides the industry’s most scalable flow-aware data plane so your SDN deployments scale to meet your growth
  • A Deployment Choice of existing integrated applications, applications that are custom developed and/or applications that leverage the thriving SDN application development community


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