The ZNYX B1 Platform

The ZNYX B1 Platform

The ZNYX B1, the latest virtualization platform innovation for network services, provides a top-of-rack switch platform for security and NFV (network function virtualization) with an integrated Intel Xeon class server environment. Networking applications, virtualized security appliances, or load balancers can run either in a VM or as bare-metal on the B1 compute environment which provides services for the computer in the rack. With unmatched functional density for top-of-rack switches, the B1 delivers unprecedented consolidation and cost savings for enterprises, data centers, and telecom.



  • The patent-pending B1 provides both a complete networking environment and a compute environment with a 1U form factor.
  • The B1 was designed specifically to enable high-performance connection between the network environment and the compute environment running VMs. The key B1 technologies are:
  • • 8 10G Intel NICs with SR-IOV
  • • Trunking technology to aggregate links - 20G to 80G capacity
  • • Ability to pin virtual interrupt handlers to specific cores.
  • • PacketFiltering™ to redirect specific flows (provided at no extra charge).
  • • PacketVectoring™ for stateless load balancing at line rate.
  • The two major hypervisor technologies – KVM and VMWare - are available on the B1 compute environment.
  • The day of virtualization for key security and networking functions has arrived. In every major category leading application providers are offering vApp versions ready to download and install on the B1.


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