Tieto virtual Diameter Signaling Controller (vDSC)

Tieto virtual Diameter Signaling Controller (vDSC)

Supporting leading hypervisor technologies the Tieto vDSC enable loadbalancing of Diameter signaling protocol used within EPC/IMS. With topology hiding vDSC allow Diameter nodes to scale without necessary reconfigurations of its peers. The vDSC is compliant with Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) 3GPP TS 29.213, Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) GSMA IR-88 and Diameter Proxy/Relay/Redirect Agent RFC 3588+6733. vDSC add-on Diameter Mediation Gateway enable extensive interworking support for SS7(incl. 3GPP TS 29.305), RADIUS, LDAP, SQL, SOAP and HTTP.



  • http://www.tieto.com/sites/default/files/files/prodsheet_diameter_signaling_controller_v1.1.pdf
  • http://www.tieto.com/sites/default/files/files/prodsheet_diameter_mediation_gateway_v1.0.pdf


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