NetNumber offers operators a paradigm shift in signaling, database and control plane functions through our TITAN platform. TITAN is a multi-protocol signaling platform that supports ALL signaling control, centralized-routing and network database services on a common platform infrastructure. Operators can now deploy one signaling-control infrastructure once and then leverage by adding multiple Virtual Network Functions encompassing all signaling, routing, and database services.



  • TITAN supports all signaling and database services in an operator network today.
  • IMS Signaling & Control: I/S-CSCF, HSS, SLF, IM-SSF, USSD-GW, LRF, BGCF, ENUM, DNS
  • DIAMETER Signaling & Control: DRA, DEA, SLF, IWF
  • SS7 Signaling & Control: STP/SGW, IN-SCP, HLR, NP, EIR
  • TITAN is deployed on Red Hat Linux in VM, NFV and bare metal (COTS hardware) environments.
  • TITAN is a deployed as a Master/Edge infrastructure that fits into the core of a carrier/operator network and provides centralized signaling and control services via a constellation of multi-protocol Edge servers/instances.
  • TITAN delivers services via a programmable Service Logic Execution Environment (SLEE). TITAN SLEE provides a carrier grade, runtime execution framework for deployment of high throughput, low latency signaling applications.
  • Industry leading in-memory database architecture capable of replicating millions of data and policy entries to the network edge.


Policy Controllers & Policy Charging Rules Function (PCRF)