Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite

Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite

Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite (VNFS) is designed to offer elastic and high-performance virtual network security functions for CSPs from premise, edge, to core network. The core of VNFS is innovative deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, which uses Trend Micro’s rich global threat intelligence and provides various network security features, such as intrusion prevention and URL filtering. By taking advantage of the data plane development kit (DPDK) for fast packet processing, VNFS achieves tens of gigabits per second in virtualization infrastructure, making it suitable for carrier-grade NFV environments. It can be deployed as virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) or value-added security protections at Gi-LAN or multi-access edge.



  • High-performance deep packet inspection with DPDK
  • Protects the network with intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and application control
  • Scales in and out on demand
  • Friendly and comprehensive RESTful APIs to integrate with MANO and 3rd-party systems
  • Supported by world-leading threat intelligence of Trend Micro Smart Protection Network


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