Veryx vTAP

Veryx vTAP

Veryx vTAP is a software based solution that captures data passing between tenant virtual machines (VMs) and sends traffic to infrastructure monitoring tools of choice. Veryx vTAP provides 100% visibility of inter-VM traffic both within and across hypervisors. Veryx vTAP is not a VM or VNF but a lightweight pluggable software component that resides as a layer over the hypervisor. It installs in the hypervisor as an application along with virtual switch, the software component that manages communication between the virtual network interface controllers (vNICs) of the VMs. This result in negligible amount of system resources and thus allowing service providers to retain system resources for the VMs / VNFs hosted on the systems.



  • Enables100%visibility of VMs traffic
  • Supports traffic isolation at VM and tenant level VxLAN, GRE, and VLAN tunneling encapsulation
  • Advanced traffic filtering support, based on ingress direction/egress direction/ application
  • Eliminates physical taps in fully virtualized environment
  • Supports industry standard hypervisors
  • Pre-integrated with Open Stack orchestration software
  • Supports one touch deployment with zero downtime, since it does not require hypervisor kernel update


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