Virtual Load Balancer

Virtual Load Balancer

NFWare Virtual Load Balancer is a fully software load-balancing solution which provides industry highest performance and rich functionality. For high-loaded projects it allows to significantly increase speed and use less hardware. Unlike any existing software solutions NFWare has much better performance and lower latency.



  • Protocols: TCP, UDP, HTTP, SOAP, RADIUS, LDAP and more
  • Features: Session Persistence, DPI, Routing, SSL offload
  • L7 Performance: 1.1M CPS (1TCP:1HTTP) on 4 CPU cores
  • NFV-ready virtual appliance for standard Intel architecture and Cloud environments (e.g. OpenStack). Rapid and programmable deployment, upgrade and scaling.
  • Data plane acceleration enables a carrier grade performance and throughput of up to 160 Gbps
  • CAPEX and OPEX savings due to lower hardware costs, improved operational efficiency and reduced energy consumption.



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